Checklist For Starting A New Company

If you are considering starting a company, whether it be a web based tech start up, or a new brand with an innovative product, you will need to take the appropriate steps to making sure that you build a foundation for a successful company. This guide will help you understand all of the aspects of […]

A Simple Guide to Starting an Online Business

Online businesses are popping up all over the web. The economy today is rather difficult, and in result people are focusing their attention on starting small online businesses. If you’re thinking about entering the world of online business, here are a few guidelines to follow. If you have business skills, why not market them online? […]

Fitness Startup Resources

One of the hottest new industries for start ups is fitness. With the advent of wearable technologies and ease of access Restful API’s are giving us an infinite combination of opportunities to make a new business model. A majority of the attention in the fitness start up scene is coming from the hardware creation of […]

Balancing Startup and Family Life

A lot of budding entrepreneurs are looking to being that next big startup, becoming the next Facebook, Twiter, or Instagram. They’ve got the ideas and skillset to make it happen but don’t always have the right resources to dive headfirst into working on it. A lot of times, in order to really get a startup […]

Gaining an Advantage in Competitive Markets

Something that every entrepreneur needs to ask themselves is why I am about to do more attractive than something that already exists? Of course there are plenty of brands in direct competition, but they are constantly competing to gain some sort of advantage whether it be in price, performance, value, or a variety of other […]

Design An Eco-Friendly Startup Office Space

It is common for most startup entrepreneurs, especially those on a bootstrap budget, to cringe at the concept of spending money to deck out their startup office space. Many believe it is absurd to spend valuable resources to make the office look ‘pretty’. Why would anyone do that when it should be spending money recruiting […]

How to Run Your Bootstrap Business

When you are funding your own business on a bootstrap budget, there are plenty of ways to maintain your lifestyle and build your company, without having to sacrifice too much. Granted there are numerous methods to fund your own business on this budget, but what if your funds are looking low and you are seeking […]

Setting up Business Listings for Local SEO

We all know the horrors of what can only be described as the most mundane SEO task of all time – directory and local business listings. Filling out forms is one of those things that everyone hates to do, but is a necessary evil in the online marketing world. Rather than sitting and wallowing in […]

Trend Analysis for Opportunity in Minecraft Hosting

It is often that you find PHD’s in physics working for the stock exchange or other large investment firm. This is because all trends are based on fluid dynamics. The methods of diffusion for liquid can be used to determine things as diverse as the spread of information, technology, and even viral marketing campaigns. All […]

Reducing Overhead Costs For Your Startup

Bootstrapping a business has become synonymous with startups recently, which is the attempt to start a business with little to no capital required. The majority of the success will be obtained through sweat equity which is just a fancy word for working your butt off every day. As you start to grow and require more […]